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How To Help Your Children Live in Two Houses

How To Help Your Children Live in Two Houses

Divorce can be just as hard on children as it is on parents. Divorce can affect children in ways such as custody schedules, where they attend school, and even where they live. If your child will be living in two homes due to divorce, here is how you can help them cope:

1. Help your children feel comfortable.

Talk to your children about what they want in each home. Then, always keep their necessities stocked and ready for them when they are in your care.

2. Give your children their own space in each house.

Allowing your children to have their own space in each home can help them feel more “at home” in each location. Please encourage them to decorate their area in a way that makes them feel happy.

3. Have some duplicate items in each house.

To prevent your children from having to pack every time they change houses, it is a good idea to keep some duplicate items in each home. These can be things such as toiletries, toys, books, clothing, and more.

4. Maintain a routine in each house.

Do not drop your routines with your children just because they are not always with you! Your children’s routine does not necessarily have to be the same for each home but having one in place with help create a sense of normalcy in each home.

5. Keep a positive attitude.

Although it may be hard, one of the best things you can do for your children in a situation like this is to stay positive. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel; if you can see it, your children will be more likely to see it.

6. Keep transitions as smooth as possible.

When you are not with your children, find a way to keep in touch. This does not mean calling and texting your child obsessively but scheduling a phone call or two with them weekly to catch up. This will aid in creating a smooth transition between homes.

7. Please don’t ask your kids to spy on your co-parent or act as a messenger between their two homes.

Even though your ex may not be your favorite person, you should never get your child involved with drama relating to them. They are your child’s other parents and are crucial to who they are and who they will be.