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Complex Divorce Issues


West Dundee Divorce Attorneys for Divorce Clients with Complicated Legal Issues

Going through a divorce is never easy. In some cases, however, the issues become hotly contested and more challenging to resolve. For example, in high net worth divorce cases, there are numerous financial matters that need to be addressed. Divorces involving children can also become complicated when there are disagreements over how much time the children will spend with each parent. When there are complex divorce issues, it is important to work with an attorney who has extensive experience dealing with these types of issues.

At the Law Office of Vogel & Mourelatos, LLC, we have over three decades of combined experience representing clients for divorce and related family law matters in Kane County and surrounding communities. Our lawyers have seen most issues that may come up during a marriage dissolution, and we have in-depth knowledge of highly complex divorce issues. We work closely with our clients, providing the individualized representation they need and deserve. Our depth of understanding of these issues allows us to develop innovative and practical solutions that fully address our clients’ needs and objectives.

Resolving Complex Divorce Issues in Illinois

We routinely deal with a wide range of complex legal matters that often come up during a divorce. Some of the most common issues that complicate the process include:

  • Significant Assets: In high asset divorces, there are a number of issues that may arise. These include valuation of unique and complex assets such as family-owned businesses, commercial real estate, jewelry/art collections, stock options, international investments, and trusts. Other issues high net worth couples often run into include the need to uncover hidden assetsprenuptial and postnuptial agreementsspousal support, child support, and taxes.
  • Retirement Assets: Retirement accounts tend to get complicated if they were opened before the marriage and money was contributed to it during the marriage. The portion of the account that was accumulated during the marriage is typically included in the asset division. To divide these assets properly and in-keeping with tax laws, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) or Qualified Illinois Domestic Relations Order (QILDRO) is usually required.
  • Allocation of Parental Responsibility and Parenting Time: If parents can come to an agreement on parental responsibility and parenting time issues on their own or through mediation, they can save a lot of time and money. If the court gets involved, however, the process takes much longer as the issues can become more complicated. Parents who end up in court should have a strong advocate by their side working hard to protect their interests and the best interests of their child(ren).
  • Tax Implications: Taxes impact several areas of a divorce. Examples include the sale of various assets, which spouse can claim a tax credit for the child(ren), which expenses are deductible, and many others. Since tax laws are always changing, you need to work with someone who stays informed of all the latest changes, so you can be advised on how they affect your specific situation.

Speak With a Geneva Complex Divorce Lawyer

Some divorces are fairly simple and straightforward, while others can get complicated. No matter what issues you may be dealing with, the Law Office of Vogel & Mourelatos, LLC, is here to help. Whether your divorce is uncontested, or you have highly complex divorce issues to resolve, we can handle your case with compassion, skill, and proficiency.

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