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Legal Separation


Attorneys for Clients Seeking an Alternative to Divorce in St. Charles, Illinois

For couples who are having difficulties in their marriage but do not want to get divorced, a legal separation may be a viable alternative. Being legally separated is similar to a divorce in many ways, but there are some key differences. The process is less permanent, and it leaves open the option to reconcile and get back together without having to get remarried. If you are considering legal separation, it is important to speak with an experienced family law attorney, so you can better understand the process and make a more informed decision.

The Law Office of Vogel & Mourelatos, LLC, has over 30 years of combined divorce and family law experience in Kane County and the nearby communities. Our attorneys have represented thousands of clients in the area, and we have extensive knowledge of even the most complex issues spouses facing divorce or legal separation have to deal with. We work closely with our clients, taking the time to listen and understand their unique needs, so we can develop the most practical and effective solution to meet their goals.

What Is the Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce?

Legal separation and divorce can accomplish many of the same objectives. In a legal separation, the spouses choose to live apart from each other for an indefinite period of time. However, because the marriage is not dissolved through this process, neither spouse is allowed to get remarried.

A couple may choose to legally separate for a number of reasons, including:

  • Religious or cultural prohibitions from divorcing.
  • The tax benefits of remaining married.
  • To maintain access to important benefits such as health insurance.
  • To give the couple some space while they decide their next steps.

A legal separation is a court proceeding similar to a divorce, and most of the same issues can be addressed. This includes:

Asset division, which spouse will live in the marital home, which spouse is responsible for which debts, and similar issues can also be decided by the court, but only if both spouses agree and ask the court to divide the property and debts.

Speak With a Skilled Geneva Legal Separation Attorney

Obtaining a legal separation does not prohibit either spouse from filing for divorce at a later date. This process simply gives couples a defined legal status while living apart from each other. At the Law Office of Vogel & Mourelatos, LLC, we understand the emotional stress spouses face when they are having marital problems. We can consult with you to help you decide the right option for your specific circumstances.

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