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Post Judgment Order Enforcement


Lawyers for Order and Judgment Compliance and Contempt Issues in Batavia, Elgin, and West Dundee

After a marriage dissolution, circumstances often warrant a post-judgment order modification. There are times, however, when one party fails to uphold the terms and conditions of a divorce decree or child support order. When this occurs, post-judgment enforcement action may be necessary. To ensure that your rights and interests are fully protected, it is important to have strong legal counsel by your side throughout this process.

The Law Office of Vogel & Mourelatos, LLC, has over three decades of combined experience helping clients with even the most complex divorce and family law matters in Kane County and the surrounding areas. Our attorneys are well-established in the community, and we have been trusted by thousands of clients to assist with complicated matters such as post-judgment order enforcement and modifications. We work closely with our clients, and we handle their legal issues with compassion, skill, and proficiency.

Enforcement of Post-Judgment Orders in Illinois

When a party is being uncooperative and refuses to comply with a court order, a contempt of court motion can be filed. In divorce and paternity/parentage cases, contempt motions are typically filed for one of the following reasons:

If one party is in arrears on child support payments, the Illinois Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) has the power to implement enforcement mechanisms (such as wage garnishments). If the DCSS is backed up with a large caseload or the judgment is for spousal maintenance or other financial obligations, you may need a family law attorney to file a contempt of court motion and help recover what is owed.

Speak With a Strong Elgin Post Judgment Order Enforcement Attorney

Post-decree enforcement issues can become contentious and costly. For this reason, it is in the best interests of all parties to resolve these issues without the need for contempt of court actions. At the Law Office of Vogel & Mourelatos, LLC, we understand the complexities of the post-judgment order enforcement process. We are strong negotiators and skilled litigators. Whenever possible, we look to negotiate an amicable resolution that is in keeping with our clients’ best interests. If the other party is not willing to cooperate, however, we are ready and able to pursue appropriate relief through the courts.

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